ONIFC Download

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ONIFC Download - Full Album Download in MP3 by Wiz Khalifa




Wiz Khalifa will appreciate it if you leave out any mention of weed when referring to his latest album, ONIFC download (Only N**gga In First Class). While it doesn't upset the Pittsburgh rapper, he seems to be weary of his music being labeled "stoner" just because, well, he's one. Khalifa told SiriusXM Radio:


"The stigma that I get -- even with this album ONIFC download, the vibe of it and how mellow it is -- you automatically say, 'Oh, it's a stoner album,' just because I smoke. Instead of saying it's a mood album download ONIFC or something that you really have to listen to or pay attention to, people automatically say it's a stoner album."


He says that ''You Really Have To Listen...'' (preferably while not stoned) to get it. O.N.I.F.C.  download is Khalifa's second album under Atlantic Records featuring collaborations with the likes of Pharrell Williams, Canadian RnB act The Weeknd, Cam'ron, Lola Monroe and his model fiancé Amber Rose. Download O.N.I.F.C. is now out on iTunes.



When the money rolls in so do the haters, and Wiz Khalifa has plenty to say to them in his new album ONIFC download free mp3 (Only N**gga in First Class). The piano-heavy Rise Above is a prime example. Produced by Pharrell Williams and featuring him, Tuki Carter and Khalifa's fiancé Amber Rose, the song tells about the hecklers spoiling the party. "First the love was there, then the paper came, then the haters came; we still rise above," says the lyrics.


Khalifa opened up to MTV News about Rise Above: "The same people that you look up to can turn around and end up being jealous of you and wanna bring you down. When that happened, that was really one of the things (ONIFC download free album) that motivated me to write that song and put that message out there, because it kinda touched me in a weird way."


"The majority of the hate that could affect me the most would come from my circle of people who I respect the most and that's in my city," he added. "They went out of their way to try to discredit me or say bad things about me in front of people, and that really shocked me, because I always played my role. Get ONIFC download now for free"


Rose gets in on the action at fadeout, lending support for her husband-to-be with these lines:


Man, what the f--- is wrong with these n---as

They rollin' up , let alone do a song with these n---as

Claimin' they ballin', to me they playin'

These n---as ain't really doin' what they sayin'


Not exactly eloquent, but it's enough for Wiz.